Help find my iphone at the Rogers Centre!


Blue Jays/Taylor Swift Fans
#cometogether to help me find my iPhone!
cash reward offered to the person who finds it!

My name is Adam and I live near Halifax, Nova Scotia.
On Friday, October 2nd (my 40th birthday) I did the Edgewalk at the CN Tower in Toronto.
I was literally on top of the world! Life was awesome!

Hours later I went with my wife to the Taylor Swift concert at the Rogers Centre.  As we walked along Blue Jays Way after the concert I realized that my almost brand new iPhone 6 was missing from my belt clip (cue sad trombone). What a way to celebrate my 40th! 🙁

Find my Phone” said it was still in the Rogers Centre at 2:09am that night but then the battery in the phone went dead.
It hasn’t been turned on since leading us to believe it is still there despite security being unable to locate it when asked.
Now I’m back home in Nova Scotia without a phone and my carrier, Eastlink, asks that we pay $620.61 for the easy tab device balance on the lost phone before we can add another easy tab phone to the account. Obviously I’d rather have my phone back considering it has irreplaceable photos on it.


It is an iPhone 6 with a grey/white Otterbox Defender on it (maybe…perhaps someone took it off).
We were sitting in Section 517, Row 14, Seats 7 & 8.

We think it came off the clip either in or near our seats or as we walked down the stairs to the nearest floor.
It might be wedged along the side of the steps in Section 517.

If you’re at the Rogers Centre can you take a look?

please give it to security (with your name so I can confirm your reward) and then:
text 902-444-4743

or email to let me know it has been found and turned in.

If you find it there’s a cash reward as well as tons of good karma coming your way.

#WeBelieve in the #BlueJays and we believe in the power of the internet.


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Update October 22, 2015

We have finally heard back from the Rogers Centre via a phone message as well as twitter. They have again checked with the Lost and Found team and the phone has still not been turned in. Other phones have been turned in to them since losing this one but they have all been returned to their owners. At this point it looks like it was either swept up with the garbage and is in a landfill somewhere or it was in fact stolen and has been somehow reused/resold.